Google and the Government: the Dark Side

Apparently, someone claiming to be ex-CIA was a guest on a radio show and claimed that Google is working closely with the CIA. So we should all be worried that the most powerful search engine on the net, the one most of use all day long, is working with Big Brother, right?

I have to think no. Number one, I long ago learned that you can’t trust anyone who claims to be ex-CIA. One of my friends had a tape of some lecture given by a guy who claimed to be ex-CIA, all about the whole alien cover up. He said he was telling his story because his contract with the CIA ended and he was free to talk. Yeah. Riiiiiiight.

Same kind of situation here. When you leave the CIA, you have legal agreements and gag orders out the wazoo. Just ask Robert Baer, whose book had to be censored by the CIA before publication despite him being out of the CIA for years.

Still worried about Google and the CIA? Bear in mind that the radio show was that of Alex Jones, who rails against the “New World Order” and claims to have infiltrated the Bohemian Grove. He’s kinda like Art Bell, except he’s a man of action! (Please note sarcasm here)


~ by mattbear on November 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “Google and the Government: the Dark Side”

  1. I’m going to go on a lecture tour claiming I was ex-CIA and my job was to infiltrate the infamous anti-American blog Billy Ocean: Student Council Treasure. After all if you’re not a fan of Republican man on man loving, then you’re siding with the terrorists.

  2. I think you mean man-on-BOY loving. Man-on-man loving is gross, or else the Republicans would have said they could get married.

  3. […] I’d like to think that this was precipitated by my post yesterday about Google and freespeech. Proof that bloggers can improve the world, or something. Posted by mattbear Filed in philosophy & politics, News stories […]

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