A truly sad day for America.

BobBob Barker, longtime host of the Price is Right, is retiring from broadcasting. I was a big fan as a kid, dreaming of the day I would play Plinko, win a new car, and spin that wheel that would land on a dollar. Of course in my adolescent fantasy one of Barker’s Beauties would proclaim their love for me and I would take her on a glorious vacation that I just won on the Showcase Showdown.

While fans my mourn the passing of a television legend pets everywhere are happy that one less celebrity will no longer be hawking the idea of animal genital mutilation.

After 50 years, Bob Barker to say goodbye to TV


~ by wiwille on October 31, 2006.

6 Responses to “A truly sad day for America.”

  1. Well, we knew it would happen eventually. I too was a fan of the Price when I was young, ever since I used to watch it with my mom after kindergarten.

    I don’t think anybody can replace the legend. Price Is Right will go the way of Family Feud post-Dawson.

  2. omg i luv u dude!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ur kool as ice!

  4. hi

  5. thats not really bob bakrer idiots! lol

  6. yeah, it is Bob Barker idiot…

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