Dude, you can’t say “pigfucker” in front of Jesus!

So I saw post on another site linking to a YouTube video of the original “Spirit of Christmas” (often referred to as “Jesus vs. Frosty”), one of the shorts that inspired South Park. I was surprised to see the number of comments on YouTube that were unfamiliar with the shorts that spawned South Park. But then, I guess there are probably a number of younger folk who watch the show now who couldn’t have gone to Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation a decade ago like I did, where I saw the second iteration of “Spirit of Christmas”, the superior “Jesus vs. Santa” version.

I remember laughing my ass off watching that bit. During the Sick and Twisted festival that year, they had local comedian Craig Gass (who was banned from most comedy clubs for being too crude) do his act. After the show we were talking to Craig, and he asked for a ride home (only time I’ve been in a comedian’s audience and had him ask for a ride afterward). He told us about meeting Queensryche in some crappy town where they both happened to have a gig on the same night. The guys from Queensryche had just gotten a videotape of Spirit of Christmas and they watched it over and over and laughed the whole time.

If you like South Park and you’ve never seen the original shorts, enjoy.


~ by mattbear on October 30, 2006.

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