Payola killed the radio star

OK, well really payola has helped the radio star. Or at least a couple of them.  Last year, some of the biggest music labels in the country settled cases dealing with pay-for-play scams and agreed to some new regulations. But at least one – Universal Music Group, or more accurately two of its subsidiaries – have broken some of those rules.

Apparently, they’ve been buying ad spots that play more than 60 seconds of a song, which causes the tracking services to confuse it with a real full play of the song, thereby bumping it up in the rankings.

Ever wonder why talentless Nickelback is so popular? Here’s a clue – one of their songs was involved in this ad-scam. You think maybe they might have benefitted from the very payola scandal that got these new regs put in place? Me too. Mystery solved.


~ by mattbear on October 27, 2006.

5 Responses to “Payola killed the radio star”

  1. That is a bummer to hear because I do like several of their songs. Is anyone honest anymore?

  2. I like Nickelback, I don’t think they are talentless. I don’t, however, doubt they were involved a scandal though. Everyone’s scandalous these days.

  3. Boy, isn’t that the truth!

  4. Nickelback licks a cheetah’s balls, to paraphrase Barak Obama in a recent interview in “Martha Stewart’s Living” magazine. When asked what music he enjoyed, Obama answered “I’m really into heavy, heavy sounds right now, like the new Mastodon, some old Bolt Thrower, shit like that. I can’t stand that pussy shit on the radio, like Nickelback. They can lick a cheetah’s balls. OBAMA IN ’08!”. Then he tongue kissed Martha and left.

  5. If Obama says it then it must be true!

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