Is It Really Possible?

I stumbled across this article the other day while doing a search about a company called Liebermann Inc. (aka Go-L, Liebermann Computers, Go-L Computers). I’m sort of looking for a new laptop, and happened to remember these guys from a while back. For those of you that do no know about this company, they are by far one of the most controversial start-ups in North America for computer products. Now they’re, um, back again with news about releasing a quad-core processor laptop that runs on fuel-cell batteries. Right.

The article is quite funny, and is based off a press release sent out by Liebermann. One point that caught my eye is the following statement:

“Based on Intel’s Quad -Core Processors and featuring all-round PCI-Xpress bus architecture, Liebermann showed off concept PC designs featuring design approaches to soon be integrated in its upcoming portable computing product line. The new blueprints, include the first keyboardless series laptop machines, replaced with a large secondary full-color and fully programmable high-resolution touch screen OLED display.”

Blueprints? Well shit, I have blueprints for a deci-core bioprocessor system, running on 1024-bit software, and a version of Windows Voltron. It works by ingesting a cyanide pill that also contains computer components in a new technology called, “nano-machines”.


~ by zooloo on October 25, 2006.

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