Race baiting and hot girl on girl action.

Election time is hear and tis the season for accusing people of racism and exploiting the exhibitionist antics of candidate’s children. I guess you’d rather have a race that’s about Iraq, the fiscal budget, etc, but who cares about such issues when we get to see girls make out.

Such is the race in Tennessee where Bob Corker and Harold Ford are trying to fill Bill Frist’s vacancy. First up we have evidence of Bob Corker’s hot daughter involved in bi-curious activity that somehow made it online. I can’t imagine how that would’ve happened:


You’re welcome.

Next we have an ad by the Tennessee Republican party that accuses Harold Ford of sleeping with (gasp) white Playmates. Yes the tongue in cheek ad denouncing Ford’s values implies that the Democratic opponent can’t keep his hands off the white chicks. Opponents are denouncing the ad as appealing to racist sensitivities, but they’re overlooking the interracial porn vote…or something.

Why concern yourself with issues such as foreign policy when you have far more important things such as promiscuous pasty co-eds?


~ by wiwille on October 24, 2006.

4 Responses to “Race baiting and hot girl on girl action.”

  1. Wow. Maybe, they was drunk and thought they were on “Girls Gone Wild”. I mean, white women on there do it for free [hence, there are NEVER any Black women on there].

    Nothing better than 2 slutty girls pulling a “Paris Hilton” or a “Rosie O’ Donald”.

  2. Oh, since I just created a blog here, spread the word:


    Contact me on via E-mail if must:


  3. In Tennessee, odds are both of these things will be seen as negatives. If it was here, I’m pretty sure Corker’s daughter would get written in on the ballot.

  4. wow, what a poor commercial.

    i think they’d be great candidates for our friend bobby. it’s like: knock, knock.. who’s there? trick or treat SEX

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