The Prestige

Seeing as how I’ve posted about the movie The Prestige before, I thought I’d post my review of it here since I saw it this weekend.

Overall, I felt the film was very good, benefitting from a terrific cast who did some marvellous acting. I will warn you, the movie is long and a bit slow. I didn’t mind this, as I often enjoy movies that take their time building character and plot, but it could be a problem for those with less attention span. The movie relies on a series of “twists” in it’s plot, many of which are bit telegraphed. I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem, though, as watching the players act out the drama and how it unfolds was the real joy in this movie. The cinematography was good, but did not attempt to overwhelm the substance of the film.

Director Christopher Nolan (who co-wrote with little brother Jonathan Nolan) loves to play with time and memory in his movies, and in this one he jumps back and forth between (essentially) three timelines in the story before tying them all up at the end. This is one of my criticisms of the movie, as I feel it was a bit overdone. Two timelines running through the movie, ok. That works. Three gets a bit heavy-handed and hard to follow. Especially considering they don’t take place that far apart and the characters’ appearances and dress don’t change that much.

Nolan is probably best known to film fans for his first feature-length, Memento. That movie was loved by critics and fans alike (myself included). Much like M. Night Shyamalan, I think Nolan will spend much of his career trying to “top” his very first film – although I think he got a break from that with Batman Begins since that was more compared to the previous Batman movies. I don’t feel The Prestige quite matches up to Memento, but it is still very good.

And BOSCT’s unofficial favorite hottie, Scarlett Johansson, still looks hot even stuffed into a 19th century period costume.


~ by mattbear on October 23, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Prestige”

  1. nhak and i also saw this last friday. you can certainly tell this is a christopher nolan film, the style is quite reminiscent of batman begins. as for the story, what i enjoyed in particular were the historical ties between movie characters and actual magicians of the time (though no real magicians were mentioned in the movie). i think the film could’ve been a lot shorter; i would be surprised if some kind of director’s cut isreleased on dvd because it was already long enough.

    overall, i think this was a very entertaining movie. i’m definitely looking forward to the dark knight

  2. This movie should have featured more of Scarlett. Otherwise I found it enjoyable.

  3. I really liked Batman begins. The genre of comic-book hero in cinema is not for everybody, like semi-standardized production-line films, but Mr Nolan does the hero justice in a well thought-out and meticulously crafted film. There is no need for hesitation at the cinema, Batman Begins delivers.

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