walkingdead1.jpgAs I see actresses like Jessica Biel and Scarlette Johannson get more recognition as being sexy in various print magazines catering to horny males like myself I breathe a sigh of relief. I had hoped that no more was the wafer thin model look going to be all the rage and hopefully one day soon the 40s and 50s pinup models would be back.

Well there are forces out there that would dash my dreams of a healthy looking female populace. Designer Nicole Miller, who deserves the death penalty, is actually making a size of clothing smaller than zero so cleverly called ‘subzero’. Yes women can now say their dress size is in the negative numbers.

This woman must be stopped at all costs. We free god loving people who enjoy the curves of a fine Salam Hayek should not put up with this. We must break the fashion industry. I believe violence may not be necessary, but will inflict it if something doesn’t change soon.

Notice how I’ve never called for open revolt any form of government and here I am begging for an overhaul over something as superficial as the fashion industry?

Faith-Based Sizing


~ by wiwille on October 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “Subzero.”

  1. Superficial? Yes, but…

    I think one can draw a direct correlation between the fashion industry and their fixation on small sizes and skinny women, and eating disorders like anorexia and bulemia. Is the fashion industry causing these illnesses? No. But they are having an affect on them. They are exacerbating the problem.

    I hear a lot of guys complain about women who try to look like Kate Moss. I hear a lot of guys say, for instance, that Lindsay Lohan was hot before she went anorexic – now she just looks disgusting. So what is driving this need for skinny, this fashion obsession with rail thin? It certainly isn’t about what men find attractive.

  2. I think it’s an issue of taking things to the extreme. Women are constantly drilled to think that thin is sexy. All the fashion magazines and TV shows and movies feature relatively thin girls–thinner than average. Some women are susceptible to being brainwashed by this and think that if thin is good then the thinner the better.
    Unfortunately when the media pays attention to people (it happens to some men as well) in this state then it just feeds the problem. People love attention, and can easily convince themselves that any attention is good attention.

  3. I think the fashion industry and anorexia/bulemia go hand in hand. the teenage girls look up to the fashion industry, the thinner the models the thinner they want to be! I used to be like that and got to a size 8 australian which for 5ft7″ is extremely disgusting looking. I am a healthy size 14/16 australian and about to enter a pinup model competition, bring back the sexy 50’s and 60’s pinup models such as betty page who were actually curvacious not thin!

  4. Well, Karina, if you’re going to post a comment that you’re about to enter a pinup model competition, on a blog written by a bunch of guys who say they love that type of girl, the least you could do would be to link to some pictures of yourself, eh?

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