China Heart Car Models

Someone over in the Eastern Empire seems to have the Hot Import Nights bug in them, because now they like to show off new cars with pretty girls clad in… well I’ll let you see for yourself.



~ by zooloo on October 19, 2006.

6 Responses to “China Heart Car Models”

  1. Well, those are some very nice…cars…

  2. Zooloo giveth and the readers sing his praise.

  3. I have this strange Desire to go buy a new car all of a sudden.

    Can I have a Carpool “partner” in Silver plz?

  4. Usta be that ‘member’ of the ruling peoples’ committees only had to promise nylons and western cigarettes to bed the proletariat. But with the coming of western decadence, it’s gonna take a LOT more to get them F*** Me shoes wrapped around their backs…

  5. @ Father O’KC

    in the words of that caveman from the geico commercials, “uhh… what?”

  6. So easy a therapist could do it!

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