Back in my day it was only the students…

A University of Florida Professor is under fire because of a taping of one of his business management lectures makes him appear to be under the influence. Yes the professor rambles on about Paul Revere and Tsun Zsu all the while seeming, shall we say, disoriented. I’m sure it was just prescription drugs.

For the full video visit this link.

Video: apparently-baked biz school prof who was soon fired 

On a side note I find this link to be loaded with irony. Side note meaning I’m to lazy to create another post.


~ by wiwille on September 30, 2006.

One Response to “Back in my day it was only the students…”

  1. Ok, I’ve seen what stoned on pot looks like, and that ain’t it. That was more like LSD or mescaline. Prof did more than just smoke a J before his lecture.

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