Obligatory Uwe Boll Hatepost (with video)

I admit it. I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon.

Up until the other night, I had never seen an Uwe Boll film and yet I gleefully joined in the “Uwe Boll is such a horrible director…” fun. But now that I’ve seen one of his films, I know everything said about him is absolutely true. It was “House of the Dead” on the Sci-Fi channel and it was so bad it was actually distinguishable from the usual horrible cinema Sci-Fi produces and runs, an achievement of some sort.

The film was bad, of course, but it was bad with a budget. Well, a better budget than the typical Sci-Fi Channel schlock. Weird edits, inane writing and a ridiculous story (even by zombie movie standards). Quality shit.

Anyway, check out the clip below for excerpts from the director’s commentary from the “Alone in the Dark” DVD.


~ by willtuck on September 28, 2006.

7 Responses to “Obligatory Uwe Boll Hatepost (with video)”

  1. Since you’re a savy intellect with the finger on the pulse of all you’re probably already aware of Uwe Boll’s boxing match with four critics who had less than kind things to say about his work. Childish? Yes. Entertaining? Oh hell yeah.

  2. Oh man…that video using the commentary was awesome. I just have to say, though, he couldn’t get Tara Reid to take her bra off? How hard is that? All he had to do was get a couple drinks down her, and thing would have been gone, gone, gone.

  3. Wasn’t Tara Reid once referred to as “Frankenboob” in reference to a horrible boob job?

    Maybe it’s best she stay clothed.

  4. Dude can’t buy a door to keep his dogs out? Must not have done too well from the movies business.

  5. I’m not saying one SHOULD show Tara Reid’s breasts. I’m just saying you’re doing a lousy job if you try and fail. She shows those things off at the drop of a hat.

  6. “Hey, how’d my hat get on the ground there?”

  7. There’s something about Tara, she dumb and that’s hot.

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