Green Drinks

Green Drinks International is a loosely organized thing going on around the world where people who work in the environmental field meet up for drinks, casually, to socialize, network, and chat. Good things are apparently going on there.

Green Drinks is not limited to those who work in the field; anyone is welcome. There is one in the Seattle area I myself have been wanting to attend since I heard of the thing, but haven’t gotten a chance. From the Seattle Green Drinks section:

“All are welcome! Join us the second Tuesday of every month, starting around 5:30pm. The goal of our group is pretty simple: good times shared among people working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues. OCTOBER’S GREENDRINKS WILL BE HOSTED ON TUESDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2006, BY THE SUSTAINABLE STYLE FOUNDATION ( SSF WILL BE HOSTING IN THE STUDIOS AT 5113 RUSSELL AVE NW, 98107, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. For logistical questions, please contact Sustainable Style Foundation at 206.324.4850. Returning to our normal start time, the October Greendrinks will begin between 5:30 and 6pm. Visiting Greendrinkers are always welcome. For more information, please email scheerg [at] To sign up, email sympa [at] with subject or body ‘subscribe greendrinks-seattle’  “


~ by mattbear on September 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Green Drinks”

  1. Will there be strippers?

  2. Yes. Green strippers. Like from Star Trek.

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