Bob got Enzyte, and now he’s going to prison

If you’ve watched TV in the past year, you’ve undoubtedly seen these idiotic commercials for “male enhancement” product Enzyte. The commercials never really say what Enzyte enhances for us males, but the implication is that it’s something “down there”.

If you’ve got half a brain, you know these guys are full of shit, and that you’d be pissing your money away if you bought Enzyte. Well, Enzyte’s time has come. The ridiculously named “Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals”, makers of Enzyte and several other suspect products, have been charged with a buttload of felonies including conspiracy, money laundering, and a few different types of fraud. The main man Steven Warshak (not the above-pictured “Bob”) has a whopping 107 counts on him. His mom has charges against her too.

Apparently there are plenty of guys (and women too, some of their other products targeted them) who don’t have a decent bullshit detector. Steven and his mommy and their cronies are accussed of defrauding folks of over $100 million.

Bye, bye, Steven. Hope you enjoy the big house. I’ll be sure to send plenty of Enzyte to your cellmate, Bubba.


~ by mattbear on September 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Bob got Enzyte, and now he’s going to prison”

  1. Damn, you mean I’m stuck with what I got.

  2. I have never hated any commercial on tv more then those god awful enzyte commercials. I can’t believe people fall for this. I hope this scumbag Warshak gets locked up for a very long time.

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