Barak Obama: running for President in 2008?

So, I’m going to get all political here, which I don’t usually do on this blog.

Barak Obama is rumored to be considering a Presidential campaign in ’08. My question is: Why? Obama is a first term Senator. Yes, he’s been in the Illinois state Senate before, but Federal is a whole different ballgame. And Obama’s a rookie.

Yes, he seems like a good guy. He’s very charismatic. But what has he done to show he is a leader? What has he done to gain all this popularity? He only just recently sponsored his first major bill, and got it passed by the Senate (still waiting on the House). It’s a great bill, too; but it almost got stopped by some political dirty tricks.

And then there is the question of electability. Even if he gets the Democratic nomination, that’s only part way there. While I tend to dislike all politicians equally, the current administration has moved on to hate. My fear in the 2008 election is that the Democrats will field someone who is popular with the party, but will never get elected, thus securing the election for whomever the Republican/Bush/Cheney machine chooses as their successor. This is my concern with Hillary Clinton – this country simply isn’t ready to elect a woman President. That’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

With Obama, the problem is double: one, his inexperience is going to hurt him. Two, the big elephant in the room no one wants to talk about – in a country where the Republicans can rally the Red Staters with fear of a job-stealing invasion of slightly darker people, do we really think an African-American can get elected President? Another unfortunate thing, but I think the answer is no.

Obama seems pretty good for a politician. And if he proves himself, I’ll vote for him myself. But I just don’t think the 2008 election is far enough away for him to make it.


~ by mattbear on September 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “Barak Obama: running for President in 2008?”

  1. This New Republic article lays out some interesting math as to why he should run now, and also talks about how experience is overrated and can come at the cost of political stagnation and desensitization.

    This election is INCREDIBLY important and the Democratic candidate has to be perfect (enough) to ensure we don’t get another you know who, but I think folks would elect a generally well-liked Barak Obama, black or otherwise, versus an extremely polarizing Hilary Clinton. Obama, like McCain (usually) and pre-Bush taint Powell, has that unique ability to appeal to both sides of the aisle, I think.

    Now, this is all contingent on an election conducted fairly, of course. *cough* Diebold *cough*

  2. I’m on the side with Will here, well sort of. As far as experience is concerned one could’ve, and often did, make the same argument about GW Bush, Reagan, and Carter. Regardless of how you liked or disliked their administrations experience is not critical in winning a campaing, although it is helpful.

    But you may be right in the fact that the country is not ready to elect a person of color. Sad, but true.

  3. Ever since 2004 I have found myself torn between a choice of a solid Democratic Bizarro Bush candidate, and more of a moderate very-electible candidate from the Democratic party. Where the nation is now I think that even more of a party-line Democrat stands a good chance of being elected.
    Either way though, the party needs some direction to really take advantage and gain some ground.

  4. I agree that experience is not all that it’s cracked up to be; after all, being president is VERY different from anything else one may have done in their political life. Everyone, veteren or rookie, enters this job for the 1st time, as a rookie. So we need to get past that and look at what kind of president he would be, where he would like to lead the nation, how he would go about that, and then, and only then, consider if he is electable. Let’s not limit our thinking to FIRST who is electable and THEN look at what kind of leader they are. We cheat ourselves when we do that. Find the best there is first, and THEN figure out how to get that person elected.
    As for Senator Obama, I have not yet made up my mind, but I am impressed, so far. As far as I can see, there is no other potential candidate out there, including Senator Clinton, who would be a better choice. But it’s early yet. Let’s let this possibility develop in Senator Obama’s own way, and see, from his own manuverings, if he would be as good a president as he currently appears he would be. If it becomes clear to me that he would, then I will support him with my money and my time. But for the time being, I remain impressed and hopful, but not yet committed. But I am impressed.

  5. In principle, I agree with you, Chuck. What kind of President we think someone will be is important. But it’s a moot point if they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. If the Dems put up someone who simply won’t get the votes, then we get the Republican candidate, and experience says to me they won’t do the job well.

    Personally, my favorite for Democratic candidate is Wesley Clark. Smart, charismatic, and electable.

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