Famous for Onions

Money magazine has announced their 2006 list of Best Places to Retire. What city wins (if you didn’t already click the link)? Why, it’s our own oft-mocked Walla Walla, Washington. I have to say that the pictures they publish almost make me want to move there!

Money made the list taking into account greenspace, culture, weather, health, and obviously financial factors. Last year’s winner Ashland, Oregon, did not make the list this year. Perhaps they got flooded with retirees which brought down the health, and ruined the financial attractors? Or maybe it’s just completely hidden under a maze of RVs now.


~ by nhak on September 15, 2006.

One Response to “Famous for Onions”

  1. As much as I’ve heard about it, I’ve never actually been to Walla Walla. Maybe I ought to stop by there sometime.

    Number 3 on the list, Prescott, AZ, is a nice little town. Although I would never want to live anywhere in AZ again. When I clicked on the Best Big Cities tab on their site there, number 3 was Mesa, AZ, which is where I lived during my junior high years. It was certainly not a “big city” then, but I guess it has boomed. I do not recognize at all the pictures they have of Mesa.

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