Oh, what up, Dog?

Duane “Dog” Chapman, infamous bounty hunter, has himself been arrested for bail jumping – from Mexico. Dog was arrested after capturing a fugitive in Mexico, where bounty hunting is illegal. That was back in ’03. That was when Dog became a news item, leading to him getting a reality show on A&E.

Dog and his bounty hunting buddies missed a court date in Mexico, so the U.S. Marshalls picked him up at the request of Mexican authorities. He may be extradited down south of the border to face charges of unlawful detention. One reality show canceled? Perhaps.


~ by mattbear on September 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “Oh, what up, Dog?”

  1. I must confess to actually watching this show. I think it was imagining the enormous amounts of peroxide that went into preparation that kept me interested.

  2. Dog, you magnificent bastard!

    I too have watched his show, but mostly for the scenes of Hawaii (“I know that street!”). Dog’s ridiculous psuedo-superhero schtick, complete with bumbling sidekicks and absurdely-chested wife couldn’t have been written better by Hollywood. Only real life can provide for such a caricature of a human being.

    My favorite part (of every episode): Not only is the “perp” bummed about getting caught, but when he’s sitting in the back of the Dogmobile, he has to listen to Dog preach to him about the error of his ways. Dude, he’s already going to jail. Ease up on the sermon.

    I suspect other bail bondsmen (“bounty hunters”) are embarassed by this guy.

    I wonder if they’ll address his going to Mexican jail on “A very special episode of DOG: The Bounty Hunter”.

    And get a haircut, old man.

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