And this whole time we thought education was the key.

Usually when discussing racism pundits like to claim that education, economic prosperity, and promotion of multi-cultural values are important factors in curbing hate crimes. A Russian mayor feels a new step must be taken though.

Mayor Igor Shpektor believes in legalising the world’s oldest profession in order to curb violence. In statement he had this to say:

“Legalising prostitution would give men an opportunity within the law to address their emotions sexually with a provided service rather than expressing them in the form of xenophobia and extremism.”

You hear that people? All you need to do to curb people’s violent tendencies is hookers.


~ by wiwille on September 13, 2006.

6 Responses to “And this whole time we thought education was the key.”

  1. All you need is love…or a reasonably priced, rented facsimile.

  2. How does this address violence against hookers?

  3. And is that Elizabeth Shue in the pic? Teh Hawt.

  4. Indeed. From Leaving Las Vegas, wherein she plays a hooker, and at one point is brutally beaten.

  5. Oh, the irony!

    So Igor is saying that instead of banning all liquids, the airlines should just subsidize a Mile-High Club?

  6. Good thinking! Who the hell would blow up a plane for 72 virgins when you could just go in the back and get it reverse cowgirl?

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