BMW announces bi-fuel hydrogen/gasoline car

BMW has announced the Hydrogen 7, a new BMW that will supposedly reach production next year. Not a fuel cell car, but rather an internal combustion engine that can run on either gasoline or hydrogen. It doesn’t appear to be terribly fuel efficient, but when run on hydrogen it will be virtually emission-free (at the tailpipe). There are plenty of arguments against hydrogen as a fuel, largely stemming from the fact that the easiest way to produce hydrogen comes from natural gas and is inefficient to produce.


~ by mattbear on September 12, 2006.

One Response to “BMW announces bi-fuel hydrogen/gasoline car”

  1. You guys know me, I support most alternative fules plans at least in theory.

    I have a hard time with hydrogen fueled cars. I think there are a few problems with hydrogen making it an efficient plan for replacing gasoline. Pump tanks, hydrogen tanker trucks or pipelines, large automobile fuel tanks providing short vehicle range; there are lots of problems. I don’t discount hydrogen as a good energy source, but I think it would have to be a more centralized system, providing electricity through the grid to power our homes and future automobiles.

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