I live here!

Congratulations to me. I just realized that Steve Wozniak was selling his house (beware Thomas Kinkade quote and horribly narrated video), so I called him up and said “Yo Woz, I’ll buy that shack ya got. How much you askin’?” He wanted $10 million, so I just filled out one of them huge prize checks I keep in the back seat of my Maybach.

Everyone feel free to come visit. I’ve only got 6 bedrooms, but somebody can stay in the cave!


~ by nhak on September 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “I live here!”

  1. That Maybach is awesome until you get to the interior. Redo that and I’ll take 2, please.

    Woz’s house looks small.

  2. Damn, those are awesome digs. I likee.

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