The Coolest Backpack… Evar.

Burton Liquid Lounger
Burton has always put out sweet goods, but this new pack has be the most practical bag for anyone who wants to bump tunes at the park while flossin a 40 oz. The Burton Liquid Lounger is the Swiss Army Knife of utility bags. It includes the following features:

  • Easy-Access Laptop Compartment (Fits 12 in. Laptop)
  • NEW Premium Weather-Resistant Stereo Speaker, Amp and Auxiliary Input
  • Vertical Board Carry with Hideaway Attachment Straps
  • Removable Chair
  • Deck of Cards, Flask and Bottle Opener Zipper Pull
  • Lined Cooler Compartment with 40 Ounce Champagne Chimney Extension
  • Duplex Divider™
  • Cush Ergonomic Shoulder Harness with Audio Jack
  • Removable CD Case

Check out more pics on Burton’s product page.

(note: you have to choose your country before viewing the product)


~ by zooloo on September 8, 2006.

10 Responses to “The Coolest Backpack… Evar.”

  1. Yeah, but how well does it hold crushed baby pandas? I’m just askin’….no reason.

  2. i think they fit in the cd folder quite well. else you can stuff about 5 or 6 in the champagne chimney extension

  3. Screw that, man. There’s a North Face bag that has a 12-panda pocket with CoreFoam(tm) technology that ensures no baby panda drippings leak out. Those champagne chimney extensions get panda gore all over the place.

  4. Did you guys, like, kick puppies and set your parents’ house on fire when you were kids? Just askin’….

    On a more serious note, that backpack does have just about everything, but how much does it weigh? I’m not big on the physical exertion thing.

  5. ask will, he has some weird fascination about dead baby pandas now. i’m just a messenger of the news, not an advocate for dead baby panda storage.

    but to answer your other question, i can’t imagine that thing weighs a whole lot. it’s a relatively small bag, and most of burton’s packs are lightweight.

  6. Is the deck of cards a full standard set or a pinochle deck?

  7. I’m betting Pinochle. Cuz that’s all the rage with the kids these days.

  8. Pinochle is why babies are having babies!

  9. Pinochle: nothings’ sexier than getting to call trump.

  10. where is the vertical board carry? It’s not on there.

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