Texas Tea (In the Gulf of Mexico, actually)

I have to admit I kind of like thinking about the idea of Peak Oil. I like the thought of irreversible physical pressures sticking it to huge greedy corporations. I like to think of the scientific community being flooded with money and talent as they scramble to come up with alternatives to traditional fuels. I like the potential of green alternatives both from a technological sense as well as a factor in people’s lives.

That’s why this recent news from Chevron is disheartening to me. According to this article in Impact Lab (a pretty cool website in it’s own right) a conglomerate including Chevron has successfully proven ways to pump oil from previously untouchable depths. I know that Peak Oil is a big controversy, with oil companies and relations on one side, environmentalists firmly opposing, and various scientists scattered all over the map. But the unknown factor has always been technology. Technology played both sides of the fence, in that it can help develop alternatives, and it can be used to advance methods to extract oil. This unfortunately looks like a significant development for the latter.


~ by nhak on September 8, 2006.

One Response to “Texas Tea (In the Gulf of Mexico, actually)”

  1. I think this development only supports the theory of peak oil more. Supplies are dwindling in this hemisphere, because we’ve drilled the shit out of it. As a result, the oil co.’s have to drill farther down, using up reserves, getting closer and closer to having none left.

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