Casino Royale (with cheese)

There’s a new Bond in town, Daniel Craig, and a new, more actiony old-school 007ish trailer out as well. Now I actually want to see a James Bond film, and that hasn’t been the case in a long time…


~ by willtuck on September 8, 2006.

3 Responses to “Casino Royale (with cheese)”

  1. I know I’ll see this at some point, but I’m just not sold. The last few Bond movies have just sucked. Goldeneye was the last one I thought was any good, and half that was because Sean Bean was the bad guy, and he kicks ass.

    The 007 movie franchise has gotten into slumps before. I wish, oh I wish, I could forget Roger Moore driving an AMC Eagle, chasing Christopher Lee who was in an AMC Matador. That’s about as far from Aston Martin cool as you can get. But I’m unsure if this a slump, or if the movies are just going to suck from now on, or maybe it’s just me and I have grown tired of the formula.

    Side note: I noticed in the trailer some very Parkour-like stunts, which is gaining popularity in movies. I thought Parkour was going to become the next big cool thing, but it seems American kids are too busy “grinding rails” or whatever it is those skate-punks do.

  2. I know that cheesiness in movies gets a bad rap, and I can certainly see how a lot of people don’t like it.
    However, it seems like 007 movies have always had a practice of not taking themselves too seriously. I may not have been a fan of the selling out (see AMG comments above) or the weak storylines of latei, but you could always count on them to be pretty campy. That’s one thing I didn’t see in the trailer, and I think it’s as crucial to the series as the cool factor and the chicks. If there isn’t some lame groaner thinly-veiled oneliner, then what’s the use?

  3. I’m with Willtuck on this. I don’t like msot of the Bond films. The last one they made that I enjoy is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which probably would raise a few eyebrows amongst most true Bond fans.

    But I want this film not to be formula. I want it to be different, to be rough, to show Bond as a tough guy, not as someone who just gets lucky or has to rely on some ridiculous gadget rather than his skill. That’s the Bond I remember Connery playing, and ‘From Russia with Love’ is still my favorite of them all.

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