NOW has collectivley suffered a massive stroke.

Joan Rivers, who’s famous for bringing us mindless entertainment from the red carpet, is encouraging women to set aside their funds to get ahead in today’s world. Set aside funds for college? Worker’s training? Stocks?

No, no, and no. Joan is lecturing women to spend their hard earned cash on plastic surgery. Justifying her shallow viewpoint she brought this little nugget of wisdom:

“Men are stupid and like pretty things and women should understand that.”

Well there is some truth to that statement, but seriously I can’t think of…oh forget it. You’re smart people. You know why this is sick and wrong. Really it is. It’s almost as disturbing as some bored blogger even wasting time posting about the horse faced wench.



~ by wiwille on September 6, 2006.

4 Responses to “NOW has collectivley suffered a massive stroke.”

  1. Lord. I think they should save up their money to hire hitmen to remove embarassments to womanhood like Joan Rivers, Oprah, and Ann Coulter. I’d love them for it. Plastic surgery on the other hand…I prefer my women au naturale.

  2. I think Family Guy most accurately portrayed my view of Joan Rivers. She was interviewing people on the red carpet for an awards show (The Adult Film Awards, but that’s not important). It turns out her microphone isn’t plugged in, and she’s not on TV, except for in her mind.
    Joan: nobody cares to listen to you anymore, and you’re certainly not helping anything. Please turn in your “Public Figure” card on your way out.

  3. I think you’re all missing the huge contribution Joan is making to the science of Epidermal Elasticity. Without her, we would never know just how far and for how long skin can be stretched and pulled on one’s face.

  4. There’s plenty of old women in Bellevue and Redmond who are doing that work already, Will. Just the other day, I saw a woman with so much plastic surgery, she looked like some hideous mutant.

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