Vote Billy for Student Council Treasurer

As someone named Traci (a stranger, I assume) points out in a recent comment on an old post, BOSCT now shows up on the second page of results if you Google “Billy Ocean”. We are in fact, number 16 in those results, right behind the supposedly funny and factless wiki Uncyclopedia. (As an aside, we’re number 4 if you Google “Student Council Treasurer”). Now, I don’t expect us to climb too high on the Google ranks of searches for ol’ Billy. But wouldn’t it be funny if we could top the Official Billy Ocean website (number 7 result)? I’m just sayin’.


~ by mattbear on September 5, 2006.

5 Responses to “Vote Billy for Student Council Treasurer”

  1. I voted, but it probably won’t get counted because of the district I’m in.

  2. Fucking gerrymandering. And you know there was some screwy shit going on in Ohio…AGAIN.

    Plus, Billy’s brother has Florida locked up for him.

  3. Also: holy crap that uncyclopedia site is stupid.

  4. Indeed. Hence the phrasing “supposedly funny” in my post. We must defeat them. BOSCT has way more quality than their lame-ass humor.

  5. I was actually pondering editing Billy Ocean in Uncyclopedia when I got introduced to it the other day. After reading a few other “articles” I lost interest.

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