Fugitive and alleged cop-killer is “not a bad guy”

Don’t know if y’all have been following the story of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips out in New York state. He’s an escaped felon, been on the lam for awhile now. Recently, with the Staters closing in on the woods where he is hiding, and apparently taking his grandchildren away from his daughter (who is suspected of helping the fugitive), Bucky has taken to shooting at the cops with hunting rifles. He has (allegedly, since they can’t yet prove it’s him doing the shooting) already killed one State Trooper.

Despite the fact that he is a convicted felon who escaped prison, stole cars, guns and money, and is now shooting at and killing the police (and previously threatened to “splatter pig meat all over Chautauqua County”), friends and relatives are going on TV saying that Bucky is “not a bad guy”. One relative said “they took away his grandchildren, what did they expect?”

Apparently to these yahoos, when a woman commits a felony (aiding and abetting a fugitive), taking her kids away from her is not only unreasonable, but also justifies her felon father shooting and killing lawmen. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish the forced sterilizations of the ’20s still happened.

Bucky apparently escaped from his Pennsylvania prison by cutting a hole in the kitchen ceiling with a can opener. A can opener! Note to Pennsylvania Department of Corrections: Please rebuild your prisons, and this time do not use the song “Big Rock Candy Mountain” as a guide… (the jails are all made of tin/and you can walk right out again/as soon as you are in)

On a more serious note, one of the reasons I find this case interesting is because it bears a lot of similarity to one I had to read about in my early law enforcement classes, that of Claude Dallas Jr. told in the book “Give a Boy a Gun” by Jack Olsen.


~ by mattbear on September 5, 2006.

3 Responses to “Fugitive and alleged cop-killer is “not a bad guy””

  1. He didn’t escape from a Pennsylvania prison, NY also has an Erie County.

  2. My apologies. I got that from another news story, which obviously had its facts wrong. I guess my derision should then be hurled at the NY state dept. of corrections.

  3. Well tarnation if you take someone’s kin you best be lookin to be shot at ya upper crusty howtie towtie democrat.

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