Due process is so archaic anyways.

Ohio has passed a bill that would allow a civil sex offender registry. What’s the difference than the original registry? Well I’m glad you asked.

The civil sex offender registry is new and improved that removes such fattening additives such as due process. See you can end up with your personal information being viewed by the public without a conviction of a crime or even any charges filed against you. All you need to do to place an alleged offender on the database is similar to obtaining a restraining order.

Interestingly enough this idea was proposed by a Roman Catholic Bishop.

Now I’m all for protecting children, but I don’t have kids so my thoughts lean towards the conclusion that this is friggin insane. Placing someone’s information to the public for a crime you may or may not have committed is ludicrous. This system can and will be ripe for abuse. I really can’t think of a counter point that would make me change my mind. Maybe, just maybe, if I had kids I might feel differently, but old folks like Mattbear could probably have a more reasoned, and more literate, view on this.

Plan gains to publicly identify accused


~ by wiwille on September 1, 2006.

One Response to “Due process is so archaic anyways.”

  1. Actually, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Part of the reason I decided not to go into law enforcement was I saw an erosion of our rights taking place. At that time, it was all in the name of the war on drugs, even though we had a stoner in the White House. It has continued, in my opinion, with increased speed since the passing of the (un)Patriot Act.

    No matter how much crime we experience, it is my opinion that we cannot let go of the laws and rights that provide us our freedom. To throw aside due process like this is unjust. Parent or not, I cannot condone it. In fact, it is the idea that these rights could then be taken away from me or my son that makes me stand firm on this.

    Even the accusation of child abuse is enough to taint someone publicly already today. This system, skipping criminal prosecution, can and will lead to innocent people having their lives ruined by being “labeled” a sex offender.

    The complexities of a true child abuse case already make it easy to abuse. Did we learn nothing from the infamous McMartin case? Or the crazy child abuse witchhunt in Wenatchee?

    From the article you linked to, it looks like this bill went through committee, but has not yet been passed. Let us hope it does not, and that Ohio does not set a precedent for this kind of legal abuse.

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