Those wacky Italians…

Apparently, a politician in Italy included in his pamphlet:

“Work makes you free. I don’t remember where I read this phrase but it was one of those quotes that have an instant impact on you because they tell an immense truth.”

Well, “Work makes you free” is a phrase that just happens to be famous for being on the gates at Auschwitz. This is what one might call a faux pas.


~ by mattbear on August 31, 2006.

4 Responses to “Those wacky Italians…”

  1. Even worse it’s included on all of the camps, including Dachau, and the satelite ones even.

  2. Double ouch. I’m surprised that was (slightly) mis-reported.

    Of all the countries where using a Nazi slogan would be bad politically, I have to guess that Italy would be third (right behind Israel and Germany) due to them having been the other major Axis country.

  3. Hey, just cuz the nazzies said it don’t make it untrue. What would you be saying if over the entrances it said instead “Don’t hit your mom” or “Drink your milk”?

    I don’t really know about work makin’ me free, though. I mean, I guess it gets me money which MIGHT make me free at some point…

  4. An Italian politician? [Insert Mussolini joke here.]

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