I guess she got her point across.

No demonstrations get more heated than pro-life vs pro-choice. Well maybe the KKK vs the NAACP, but you get the point. Listed below is a counter demonstrator at a pro-life rally who uses unorthodox methods in making people see things her way. What’s amazing is that I had an ex-girlfriend that used similar tactics in our arguments. Yeah the relationship didn’t last long.


~ by wiwille on August 31, 2006.

6 Responses to “I guess she got her point across.”

  1. I think that’s called psychosis…

  2. I’m not really sure she got her point across. If it wasn’t for your explanation of her as a counter demonstrator and the religious speech being broadcast over the crowd I wouldn’t know which side she was on. Indistinguishable yelling can go either way, really.

  3. wow, she looks like she got hit by the short bus.

  4. I’d hit it.

  5. “willtuck said:

    I’d hit it.”

    Not without a ballgag handy.

  6. Come on you guys, she’s just misunderstood. I often find myself screaming at the top of my lungs, and flailing my arms like a psychotic t-rex when evangelists are speaking. It’s just a girl thing.

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