Never Let Me Slip Cuz if I Slip Then I’m Slippin’

The ratings are in and they’re not so good for Fox News. Viewership has slipped significantly since this time last year, so to spice things up, they decided to pull out the big guns and have talking pez-head Neil Cavuto talk to two experts on the state of New Orleans one year after Katrina. Of course I’m talking about Richard Simmons and Don King.


~ by willtuck on August 30, 2006.

One Response to “Never Let Me Slip Cuz if I Slip Then I’m Slippin’”

  1. For the first, more serious part: given that Fox News has been so closely associated with the politics of the current administration, could this indicate that more of the population is becoming fed up with the current state of our government? Could something so innocuous as TV ratings be an indicator of a shift in the political clime of our nation? I can hope.

    (Aside: I really wanted to say, “given that Fox News is really just the ‘Ministry of Truth’ for the Bush administration…” but then I might sound like a crazy, paranoid liberal. You know, a Volvo-driving, NPR listening, soy chai latte-sipping, crazy-ass liberal…oh, wait…)

    Now, for the part of who they called on as experts…was Cavuto (or perhaps his producers) drunk? High? I can’t imagine how much whiskey I’d have to use to chase down the amount of Xanax it would take to make this sound like a good idea. Richard Simmons shouldn’t be considered an expert on anything other than thinly-veiled homosexuality. And King shouldn’t be talking to anyone who doesn’t live or work in a penitentiary.

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