Make no mistake, Lemmy is God.

A little Tuesday night music for ya. Below is Motorhead covering the Ramones. Enjoy:


~ by wiwille on August 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Make no mistake, Lemmy is God.”

  1. I heard this the other day on our local buttrock station and the DJ initially called it a Ramones cover, which is understandable, but then later recanted and said he was informed it was not a cover. seems to support this, showing that the song first appeared on the Motorhead album “1916”, released in 1991. It next appeared on the Ramones album “Last Amigo ’95”, released in 1995. I think Motorhead may have written a nice tribute to the band BEFORE they were done, and it was later adopted by the Ramones.

    If anything, Motorhead is covering itself.

    Either way, it’s fuckin’ great.

  2. All I can see in my head is from the only concert I saw him Live at.

    Gunz N Metallica in the kingdome. Motorhead opened up and I can still hear him growl..

    Ace of Spades….Ace of Spades….

    Ahh.. thems the days..

    What what… Lemmy is God!!

  3. Funny, I was just watching some other Motorhead videos yesterday on YouTube. Love those guys.

    And yes, this was originally a Motorhead song, written in tribute to the Ramones.

  4. Also, as an aside, I must say I find it amusing that so many videos and concert footage of them is available on YouTube, considering it soooo hard to find their music on most P2P networks. Took me forever to find my favorite Motorhead song, “Traitor”, that way.

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