Yeah, but The Matrix made a better movie

Here’s your Friday conspiracy theory fun! (BTW, I love that we have a “conspiracy theories” tag. I think it shows that our hearts are in the right place.)

Nick Bostrom (no relation) apparently saw The Matrix and, unlike the rest of us, pondered how unlikely it was. While the rest of us were gladly wallowing in our willing suspension of disbelief, Nick was busy coming up with a more likely scenario. His theory boils down to a sort of world experiment run by Intelligent Design type cyborgs. He points out that “there is a significant probability that you are living in computer simulation”. I skimmed the article (my crazy-meter pegged part-way through, so I couldn’t concentrate too closely) quickly. Turns out that his justification for “significant probability” boils down to “You can’t prove it ain’t true!” A valid point, I guess.

I have a hard time trying to decide if this is his actual belief or if it’s just an exercise in philosophy and logic. If it’s the latter he should feel very accomplished for misusing his college smarts.


~ by nhak on August 25, 2006.

3 Responses to “Yeah, but The Matrix made a better movie”

  1. Bostrom is actually a major player in the world of Transhumanist theory. The Simulation Argument he puts forth is more of a philosophical exercise, to show something about how “posthumans” would model out their evolutionary path.

    If you don’t know the background, he certainly can sound like a tinfoil hat type. Even knowing the background, he can sound a bit wacky. If I didn’t know someone in the Transhumanist crowd, I would probably be inclined to think so.

  2. It’s weird, because I like some philosophy, but nowhere near enough to really keep up with it.

    Plus the “fringe” (no idea if that’s accurate, just my viewpoint) theories like this sort of annoy me. Most likely just because my head hurts from it.

  3. Transhumanism is somewhat fringe, but becoming less and less so all the time. Most of their focus is on technology and how it affects the very nature of being human, and what it means for evolution. Heavy stuff, and very important actually.

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