Apply directly to the eyeballs. Apply directly to the eyeballs. Apply…

In the “I’m not shitting you” department a company has decided to take a new approach in selling mace. Obviously targeting the female demographic is selling designer pepper spray. For the woman who has everything you can get her a custom designed can or one pre-fabricated by the manufacturer.

Not without a sense of humor the company has named their products with oh so clever titles such as Stunning Steel, Prevention Purple, and Glamorous Gold. proudly states of it’s products “Finally, personal safety on the same level with the high-tech, high-fashion devices of entertainment and communication.”

As surprising as this might be to some I kind of have to applaud this, albeit with my eyes rolled. While a woman who won’t carry a small device that might save her from assault because it might clash with her purse is indeed a moron, but one who no longer has an excuse not to stay safe. I believe that all women should know how to use and carry mace, so I can’t really begrudge this company for making womens’ safety seem silly at first glance to a mildly literate blogger.

I do want to see a commercial that has it’s spokesperson stating “Pepperface. It’ll match your eyes. It’ll make him claw his pupils out.”


~ by wiwille on August 24, 2006.

One Response to “Apply directly to the eyeballs. Apply directly to the eyeballs. Apply…”

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I agree with you, though; anything that gets more women to protect themselves is not a bad thing. Although I fear the reality of this commercial.

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