International Women-fronted Band Day

Okay, so I just made that up. But it’s believable. There are some weird-ass holidays out there. If there were a day of said name though, here’s what I’d post:

Some women can wail! I don’t want to separate them from the regular music scene, because to do so kind of seems like it’s taking away from them. But, sometimes I’m saddened that there aren’t more bands fronted by women. Then I come across a rash of them that I really like and go on a buying spree. In the past I’ve really gotten in to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sia, or even Tia Carrere.

Recently I have been hearing a lot of Regina Spektor on KEXP and the various music blogs I frequent. I really like her voice. Her sound is very gentle on some songs, but if required she really reaches back and delivers. I like the dichotomy of her folksy voice on Fidelity (with fantastic lyrics, by the way) and her belting it out on On The Radio. I recommend loading up the music player on her site and kickin’ back.

I also like hearing stuff by Lily Allen recently. She’s a little more feisty from Regina. Her music is a bit more traditional pop from the UK. She sings about more down-to-earth everyday stuff, but sometimes with a bit of an attitude. I like Smile a lot, although LDN seems to be more popular with the kids.

Rounding out a trio of female artists (no, not that Trio) I want to draw attention to Leela James. Sometimes you just want to hear some good R&B, ya know? Other than loading up the Comcast classic R&B channel I don’t have a lot of options. I wasn’t around and purchasing music at the time. But Leela really does the genre justice. She only has one album out yet, but I expect more from her. I think I’m also drawn to her because of my soft spot for cover songs. She covers Gwen Stefani’s Don’t Speak, and really makes it sound good.


~ by nhak on August 24, 2006.

4 Responses to “International Women-fronted Band Day”

  1. Just this morning, I was commenting to the missus that I am sucker for a sultry female vocal. This is why I love Norah Jones, even though I think her songwriting (or songwriters, I don’t really know) are kind of weak.

    I have long been a fan of Carrie Akre, formerly singer for Hammerbox and Goodness, both sadly failed local bands. I am certain that friends get sick of me talking about Ms. Akre when the subject of music comes up, but I don’t care. I love that woman.

    I find it unfortunate that so many female singers get roped into narrow mass-produced plastic pop music. I’ve never gotten much into the indie music thing, but I think it is probably the best thing to happen for female musicians in awhile. I think it has the opportunity to separate the truly talented from those that are just pretty and make a nice package for the masses.

    And I’ll definitely say, that Regina Spektor does have some talent.

  2. Ok, I’m going to try this post again.

    I was saying to the missus just yesterday that I am a sucker for a sultry female vocal. Or any female vocal in decent music. I find it unfortunate that most women vocalist wind up in mass-produced, pre-packaged pop. Why does that happen? I love woman-fronted rock bands like The Donnas, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.

    While I’ve never gotten into the “indie music” thing, I do think it is a good way for the truly talented female singers to get themselves and their work out there without getting forced into the narrow pop role. These days it seems to be about the only way.

    A side note: when originally trying to reply to this, I went and checked out the website of one of my favorite singers, Carrie Akre. I have been madly in love with her singing (and just her, really) since I first heard her fronting for the local band Goodness. I am sure my friends get sick of me bringing up Carrie whenever the topic of good singers comes up, but she is awesome. Anyway, as a result of looking up her site for my reply, I discovered she is playing at the Triple Door at the end of next month, opening for Johnette Napolitano (formerly of Concrete Blonde, and another female rock singer I like). I now have tickets for the show I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Thanks Nick!

  3. Carrie Akre is quite good. I remember seeing her at Skychurch a couple of times. One of my ex’s was a big fan of hers, so I got exposed to her when I probably wouldn’t have been otherwise.

    Also, how do you get your comments tagged as spam? Cool, man!

  4. Hey there, a friend sent me this and I just gotta say thanks for the support! I’m looking forward to the show at the Triple Door.
    Over and out. Carrie

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