While we are gathered here to pay homage to our dearly departed, please tip the dancers.

Funeral have long held a tradition of mourning the passing of a loved one. Whether the ceremonies be religious or secular in nature it’s normally a solemn event where people gather to express their feeling for the departed.

Cultures within China have been known to take these events very seriously. Times do change though. Apparently in the small farming town of Jiangsu people are vying for the attention of larger crowds. Normally to get someone to attend any event planners offer good food and drink. These people have taken a different approach and decided to hire exotic dancers.

Yes they’ve hired strippers at the entrances of the funeral to attract more visitors to pay their respects. The girls often bathe in public or dance nude with snakes to entice men. No word if Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’ was playing in the background.

I’ve never wanted a funeral when I die. Just take the insurance money and throw my body in the dumpster and be done with it. However if someone does decide to plan one for me I do believe we should follow this Asian custom, cause I’m all about diversity.

Farmers hire strippers to attract funeral crowd


~ by wiwille on August 23, 2006.

One Response to “While we are gathered here to pay homage to our dearly departed, please tip the dancers.”

  1. My will states that I am to be cremated and most of my friends know my wishes are for a big drunken Irish wake. The strippers would go ok with that, too. But one of them needs to give my corpse a lap dance before they put me on the funeral pyre.

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