Crazy actors get put on notice. Watch out Travolta.

Normally, I hate celebrity/entertainment news, but I found this funny. Apparently, Paramount has ceased dealings with Tom Cruise’s product company. While Paula Wagner, Cruise’s production partner, claims that Cruise/Wagner Productions stopped the talks themselves, Viacom (Paramount’s corporate parent) says they dropped Cruise because of his off-screen behavior. Sumner Redstone (head of Viacom) has referred to Cruise’s couch-jumping, post-partum denying, vitamin-taking craziness as “creative suicide”.

Are they afraid he is going to snap and walk off a movie set or something? Has he already become so unmanageable they don’t want to deal with him? Or has it just become so popular to hate on Cruise that the studio is getting in on it?


~ by mattbear on August 23, 2006.

One Response to “Crazy actors get put on notice. Watch out Travolta.”

  1. How much of a liability/embarassment do you have to be for a movie studio to say “Yeah, you know, your movies make an assload of money for us, but uh..yeah…it’s just not working out…”

    Of course, Cruise’s response to “You’re fired! (no Trump cobra hand strike)” was “Oh yeah? Well you can’t fire me because I quit!”

    Then he spent, like, all afternoon hooked up to an e-meter getting clear again.

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