Blowin’ all 3 doors off

Some cars are so cool that I just have to turn my head when they go by. I bet you’re thinking I mean Ferraris and Masseratis, etc. I have a bit of a distaste for cars that are so out of my price range that I can’t expect ever to own them. Instead I’m drawn to cars that I expect would be attainable in my future (read: under $100K).

I have always had a soft spot for the Mini Cooper. I liked the originals (featured in the original Italian Job) and I like the look of the new BMW-developed model (featured in, get this, the new Italian Job).

I think the new ones are overpriced, however, and not really fitting with the idea of the original. For the most part I have had a hard time justifying the two. But there has been a steady development of modifications to the Mini that I think fill the void left in my mind.

One of the most impressive is this set of mods from BBR. They offer 5 levels of modification to the Mini (the top costing £18,950). Most of them do simple mods to the built-in supercharger and cylinder head of the stock Mini Cooper S. But to get the most horsepower they could out of the engine and chassis they had to pop in a big turbo. They were able to squeeze 307 hp out! That is an incredible amount of power coming from a 1.6 liter engine, and I an only dream of driving it. Now if only they could put an extra 2 doors on it I’d be happy.


~ by nhak on August 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “Blowin’ all 3 doors off”

  1. Holy crap, Nick expects to be able to afford a $90,000 car sometime in the future!

    I can’t remember, do clowns come standard with Minis?

  2. I had a pretty negative view of the Mini when BMW started pushing them out, mostly because I dislike small cars. Jen, on the other hand, fell in love with them immediately.

    Eventually, we went and did a test drive of a Mini Cooper S (there was no way I was even going to consider the base, less powerful model). I was quite surprised. It is amazingly comfortable inside (though note: I am only 5’7″), it is actually much quicker than any car with that small an engine has any right to be, and it is very fun to drive. The handling on those things is awesome. Ten minutes behind the wheel and I was a convert. We were hoping to buy one awhile ago, but couldn’t afford it. Someday though…

    Once the convertable model came out, Jen starting insisting it had to be one of those.

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