Magazines Nick Left Out

Nick’s list made me want to post the magazines I read regularly:

Giant Robot
Focuses on asian-american pop culture, from writers and artists to filmmakers and actors, but it’s interesting to anyone. Has a weird publishing schedule, though.

I’ve talked about this one before, but I strongly recommmend it to anyone interested in modern pop art and illustration.

The Believer
Essays and interviews from a more literate and ‘smart’ position. Great magazine design, too.

The Big Takeover
There are only two music magazines left in existence worth a damn. This is one of them. The baby of (former?) New York City cab driver and music lover Jack Rabid, each mammoth issue of The Big Takeover is almost encyclopedic in it’s coverage of what’s gone on in the music world since the last issue. Oh, and by music I mean KEXP and not KNDD.

This is the other one. Great reviews, interesting interviews and the courage to put lesser known faces on the cover.

American Bungalow
Architecture porn. Craftsman style homes and furniture that I’d love to own. Conflicts with my love for modern design (a la Dwell) but since I can’t afford either, who gets hurt?

For the video gamer who can’t stand the shitty state of video game journalism. Edge, from the UK, has strong, literate writing about the gaming world and doesn’t follow trends and safe territory in its articles. Costly, but worth it. See also: The Escapist


~ by willtuck on August 22, 2006.

One Response to “Magazines Nick Left Out”

  1. I can’t read a music review now without thinking of Christian Bale breaking down the musical stylings of Huey Lewis while getting ready to axe murder someone.

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