Magazines I don’t read

What with other things going on in my life I don’t commit a lot of time to reading magazines anymore. For a few years of my life I was a big magazine hound. I had 3 or 4 subscriptions at any one time and would read them thoroughly the day the friendly mailperson delivered them unto me.

My DS is the closest replacement for magazines in my life right now. I’m either on Mario Kart or Brain Age most of the time. Other than that I’m still trying to work on my (aforementioned) reading list. I’ve finished 3 more books since that post!

I have a subscription to Wired right now, but they’re basically just piling up on my bookshelf while I wait for them to stop showing up. I enjoyed the magazine back in the day. I think it’s gotten too ad-laden lately, and I just can’t commit the time to it anymore. Sometimes I do find myself in bookstores or CD shops that carry some magazines though, and I do find myself drawn to them. I would just buy one or two on the go if my thriftiness didn’t stay my hand with the thought that one issue is often as much as an entire subscription, so why don’t I just go buy a full year or two, so I can get much more than I need and can stack them up on the bookshelf such as to form a fire and earthquake hazard. A short list of ones I find interesting:

Dwell: A housing and decoration magazine that features a wide range of architecture and design that fits my tastes quite well.

The Sun(not that trashy one): Recently discovered. It looks like a smooth media mix featuring stories, articles, photographs, etc.

The Economist: Because this shit is interesting!

International Design: I especially like their design reviews. They feature some really cool products, advertising, and even product packaging.

Cooks Illustrated: I really like to cook, and this magazine has it all. They feature articles, reviews, recipes, how-tos, etc. Too bad it’s so damn spendy.


~ by nhak on August 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “Magazines I don’t read”

  1. While it’s a bit more focused on the business end of the creative industry, HOW magazine can be a good read as well.

    And not to get all domestic, but Real Simple can be surprisingly good, too. Decent recipes and life tips that are actually useful.

  2. I have a general dislike for magazines, although I will buy the occassional issue of American Woodworker. My wife used to have a bad magazine-buying habit, but I’ve mostly broken that. Although after this post I suspect we are going to wind up with a subscription to Dwell.

  3. Ha ha! That’s the power of the Internets!

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