Re-writing the laws of physics, or just being crazy

By now you have probably heard about Steorn, a technology company that claims to have developed some technology that generates energy with a “greater than 100%” efficiency – in other words, it produces more energy than it uses. This is presumed to be an impossibility in the world of physics, and is often referred to as “perpetual motion”.

Steorn aren’t the first people to claim such an amazing feat. Most people who claim to have pulled off this miracle and destroyed the first law of thermodynamics are just conmen trying to bilk investors or the gullible.

Like most inventors who find ways to create free energy or say fuel a normal motorcycle with water, these guys are keeping it secret how they are doing this. They say they will show the technology to top scientists (of their choosing) to validate.

So: crackpots, viral marketing, scam artists, or the most brilliant physicists in the history of humanity?


~ by mattbear on August 21, 2006.

One Response to “Re-writing the laws of physics, or just being crazy”

  1. I love the ongoing search for perpetual motion. I think it’s a combination of my scientific curiosity and the urge you have to slow down and watch a traffic accident.
    I am always interested in scientific discoveries and try to stay abreast of what’s going on the community (at least as much as my atrophied brain can handle).
    Another part of me is just eternally entertained by some doof who thinks his cardboard and duct tape contraption will somehow succeed in something that literally thousands of the best minds in the world have been unable to accomplish for centuries. “You know, nobody has tried to use bug spray and monkey kneecaps in this novel way yet, I bet that’s the key.”

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