Maybe I should have read more Kierkegaard and less Mack Bolan

I have always thought of philosophy as a “dead” thing – does anyone make a living publishing books of philosophy anymore? It seems to me that true philosophy has devolved into innumerable “Chicken Soup for the [insert] Soul” books. So I was surprised to find that there is a publication entitled “The Philosophers’ Magazine“.

I haven’t delved into the actual content of the magazine or site really, except to try a couple of their philosophy games, which I am enjoying immensely. The “Interactive Philosophy Quiz” kicked my arse, even on the easiest setting, showing my novice about philosophy. I have a rough idea of what existentialism, nihilism, and humanism are, and I know the names Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Sartre, and Moore. Beyond that, I can only grab at straws from various pop-culture references I have heard. Given my love of self-reflection, debating ethics, and similar activities, maybe I ought to learn more about this subject.

For now, I’ll just have fun with the “So you think you’re logical?” game.

If you don’t like that, try out Strindberg and Helium instead.


~ by mattbear on August 18, 2006.

4 Responses to “Maybe I should have read more Kierkegaard and less Mack Bolan”

  1. I got 3 of the 4 questions correct (screwed up on the color/card question). The test is straight out of a logic class I took in college, only there we made use of math-y charts with symbols and whatnot. It was interesting reducing non-numeric situations to equations.

  2. read “The Passion of the Western Mind”, by Richard Tarnas. it’s a crash course in philosophy, mainly for those who already have an interest in the subject and have a hard time deciding what ideas to read up on. be prepared for this book; the language is excellent, but it is a hard read. don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading the same sentence 100 times over before it makes sense.

  3. Dude, screw that! “Philosophy for Dummies” is where it’s at!

    The “…for Dummies” books are actually pretty good, usually, if you can get over being called a dummy. Poopyhead.

  4. okay.

    dummy 😛


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