Would You Like Some Vice With Your Vice?

Everyone likes free things, right? Sure. Free is good. But there should be a line between giving something away and advertising/sampling in an irresponsible manner. This is a story about a gentleman who went to get his coffee and attached to it on one of those protective sleeves was a sample of Excedrin.

Taking a look at the side-effects of Excedrin (which I’ve never done before, and was kind of frightening) makes it seem very strange that they will just give this stuff away randomly to coffee shop customers. I guess this is just another example of how I try to revolt against the whole “take some pills to feel better or at least feel like you’re doing something” mentality.

I find myself much more strongly drawn to natural medicine. I tend to believe that if I have headaches all the time then it’s probably something in my lifestyle causing them. I should probably get more sleep, or drink less caffeine, or stop working in front of multiple computer monitors. I’d rather fix that source of the problem rather than start buying some prescription in bulk.

Now I understand that not everything can be solved by eating flax seeds. I choose natural physicians who have some training or understanding of conventional medicine, to make sure they are well-rounded. I don’t want some chiropractor who made a certification with a crayon last week and just wants to crack my back and invite me back next week. I do however, want a doctor that understands my aversion to an over-medicated world. I don’t feel like I should have highly developed chemicals coursing through my body without first investigating some other ways of treating my ailments.

As long as it doens’t involve me giving up coffee, that is.


~ by nhak on August 17, 2006.

4 Responses to “Would You Like Some Vice With Your Vice?”

  1. Chiropractor (n) – Witch Doctor, Charlatan. See also: Snake-oil Salesman.

  2. When a naturopath gives you some herbal remedy, what do you think you’re getting? The medicines come from the herbs, they’re just a concentrate of sorts. You’re putting a lot of the same chemicals in your body if you take something a naturopath “prescribes”.

    I’m not saying naturopaths are bad. I’m just saying you are fooling yourself if you think things they give you are somehow more pure or better for you than pharmaceuticals.

    On the other hand, I agree that some drugs are over-prescribed, and I’m not a fan of popping a pill to solve everything. (I do sometimes miss the Dr. Feelgood I once got who prescribed a massive painkiller and two kinds of muscle relaxants for my back injury. Oooh, that was a mellow week.)

    And witchdoctor or no, Will, my back hurts less after I leave the chiropractor’s office.

  3. Here’s an example of my last naturopathic vs conventional medicine experience. I have low-borderline hypertension (high blood pressure). My regular practitioner prescribed me a standard hypertension medicine and then indicated the side effects and schedule of said medicine. I then went to a naturopathic source and was told to eat more celery and watch my salt intake. I threw away the prescription, so I don’t know the exact medication, but I doubt it was concentrated celery-extract. I now eat quite a bit of celery currently, and keep an eye on my blood pressure. No issues since.

    My last interface with chiropractors was quite a learning experience. I got as far as them indicating that my allergies to cat dander are caused by misalignment of my spinal cord. I did not return.
    Although I understand that re-seating joints is comforting (witness people cracking their knuckles), however I would stop short of calling it anything more than a relaxation treatment for muscles and joints that are too tense in the first place.

  4. Oh yeah…I’m not saying a chiropractor is going to fix anything, and I certainly wouldn’t take any medical advice from them. I’m just there to make my back feel better, which it does. Because before I did that, the constant pain was enough to make me contemplate suicide some days. Now that I’m losing weight and strengthening my back, the pain is lessening, and I will probably be ditching the chiropractic visits by the end of the year.

    And any doctor who only prescribes a medication, without any recommendations for solving the basic problem, is a quack or an asshole.

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