Hybrid Turbo Whos-it?

It looks like Subaru has actually announced plans to bring their next Impreza to market, but hasn’t been conclusive about the rumored Turbo Parallel Hybrid engine design they have been playing with for a while now. There was a medium-sized buzz about this upcoming engine/chassis release back at the beginning of the year (Note: car photos at this site are not of the Impreza). Unfortunately a lot of the excitement over the engine was tempered by the mediocre response to the concept car body design (well-deserved in my opinion, that thing is boring and ugly at the same time, something I’ve not seen in such glory since the Pontiac Aztec). The short of it is that a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder boxer engine can produce 256 bhp driven to all wheels, and still accomplish a combined 38 mpg!

I’m excited about what they are doing with this engine. It’s a little more conventional than current hybrids, as it’s less battery-based and a little more turbo-based. This lets them keep their popular reliable 2.0 liter engine and lessens the worry about how to dispose of the large amount of battery mass common to current hybrids. I hope they end up with a feasible solution and can bring this to market. I figure this design could be tuned for the Legacy to compare with the Honda Accord Hybrid as well.


~ by nhak on August 16, 2006.

One Response to “Hybrid Turbo Whos-it?”

  1. 38 mpg is pretty impressive for that kind of horsepower. Glad they haven’t done with a production model of that concept car, though; that thing is 5 kinds of ugly.

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