Better than kevlar.

An Israeli woman’s life was saved by none other than her breasts. Yes the shrapnel from the rocket lodged itself in the silicone keeping the objects from driving themselves into more critical areas.

It always warms the heart to hear the goodness that is brought by boobies. You’re welcome.

Breast implants save Israeli’s life in rocket attack


~ by wiwille on August 15, 2006.

5 Responses to “Better than kevlar.”

  1. Dude, stop linking to vir-…oh, wait, bewbies….

  2. Is the lady pictured supposed to be the one from the article? Cuz thems are real!

  3. Does it matter?

  4. The link for the image reference appears to be the UK’s “Mirror”, from January 2004, so I’m guessing that’s not actually her and Wiwille was just gracing us with a picture of lovely large breasts.

    I could happily get lost in that cleavage.

  5. Num Num

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