Hold the company line. Or not.

It appears that an editor of the Official PlayStation Magazine is turning to the dark side, at least for the near future. The article explains here reasoning for choosing to purchase an Xbox360 rather than the upcoming PS3. I don’t necessarily agree with all of her points, but I can understand the final choice, at least in her case.

What I can’t understand is how somebody who works for a gaming magazine of any ilk can justify having a “crummy 12-year-old 21-inch” TV and not care at all about audio quality. I know that it is obviously her choice to purchase the type of equipment and system she wants. It strikes me as odd that she can be so divergent of where the current videogame market is going and yet hold a (supposedly successful) job so closely-related to videogames.

I personally believe she saw this video and was so angry she decided to go with the neutral 3rd party. (Worksafe, but suggestive)


~ by nhak on August 14, 2006.

One Response to “Hold the company line. Or not.”

  1. Yeah, she loses some cred for dismissing video and audio quality. Although I have heard the argument put forth (largely by Will) that the “fun” quality of the games can be more important than the graphics or other technological wizardry.

    Whatever. I likes my HD and surround sound.

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