Helvetica to makeup!

So, speaking of movies that need a good core plot to keep me engaged, this takes the cake. Apparently there is a full-length movie coming out starring Helvetica the font. I should clarify that this is a documentary. It won’t be an action film or anything–don’t expect Helvetica to take over for Jet Li.

The director defends his actions by emphasizing the ubiquity of Helvetica. I agree the Helvetica (or it’s impostor Arial) is all over the place, but is that enough of a reason to justify a feature-length movie?

I’m not saying it’s the sign of the apocalypse or anything, but this seems strange. There are plenty of just-as-common phenomena in the world that are so far unrepresented with a movie. The majority of Americans drive themselves to work each day, and in cold weather the rear window often fogs up. I have yet to see a documentary about the wires in rear windows that heat up to clear the condensation. You see my point here?


~ by nhak on August 14, 2006.

6 Responses to “Helvetica to makeup!”

  1. From Variety:
    “Slated for a Thanksgiving 2007 release, ‘Wiremaker’, starring Bruce Willis and Macy Gray and directed by Paul Verhoeven will tell the story of the rise and fall (and rise again) of Saul Ponti, inventor of the anti-condensation wires now standard in most automobile rear windows. Budget is 80mil and will feature a soundtrack of collaborations between trip-hop group Massive Attack and modern bluegrass artists (Saul Ponti lived most of his life in the Appalachian mountains).”

  2. Okay, now that’s a sign of the impending apocalypse. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jesus. One would have to be rainman to sit through a full-length documentary about fucking typography.

    And has anyone else noticed that Will has turned his Smartass volume up to 11 today? ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I say this in all seriousness, but I would watch the Helvetica film. I actually really dig typography.

  5. Wow. Will, you worry me.

  6. You know I’ve never heard of Helvetica till this day. After some research I wish I didn’t. Helvetica and Paris Hilton needs to be wiped from my brain.

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