The ancient Nigerian fund transfer scheme (which apparently dates back to the 1920s?!) is still around and is still duping people.

For proof of this, see this recent CNN article. Unfortunately this scam had tragic results, wherein a woman shot her preacher husband, due partially to distress over their financial situation stemming in part to this scam.

Now I obviously don’t live in Tennessee, and never have. But where I live I don’t imagine there are a lot of guns in the houses of preachers. I may just be sheltered or mislead, but I doubt it’s too common. I grew up going to church (Presbyterian, for what it’s worth) and never felt the need to question this. I always knew that there were more guns in my house than in those of the preacher, or most of the congregation, for that matter.

Whenever I hear about family violence I often wonder how much of a surprise it is. Apparently to the church it was a shock, as they described her as the “perfect wife”. I have to expect that underneath it all there were warning signs of mental illness or destructive habits.

Anyway, this whole thing shows how a “harmless” little scam can have disastrous results.


~ by nhak on August 10, 2006.


  1. I think Southern ministers are a different breed than what you find up here. I’m willing to bet there are more guns per home on average in Tennessee than there are here, anyway; and I’m sure that extends to preachers and priests.

    On a side note, Launchpad was mentioning the other day that I ought to post something here about, a site run by folks who bait the scammers with responses and get them to do ridiculous or embarassing things. Some of them have even convinced the scammers to send them money. The site has archives of many bait e-mail exchanges, and pictures of some of the scammers that they got them to send.

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