Watching Games that are Shows!

So I was discussing gameshows with a friend yesterday. I haven’t watched too many of them myself, but he grew up on them. He knew so many of them it blew my mind. I pretty much stuck to Jeopardy when I was growing up, and don’t really watch much network TV at all these days.
It did make me remember reading about this incident with the cult classic Press Your Luck show. Apparently Michael Larson (sources differ on the spelling of his last name, Larsen being the other popular method) figured out the “random” order the squares lit up in. Needless to say he went on to win a load of money. Unfortunately he ended up losing it later through a series of accidents and bad business and personal choices. Overall it’s an interesting story.


~ by nhak on August 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Watching Games that are Shows!”

  1. I had heard of this from reading it on Snopes before, but apparently they got the end of the story wrong. Snopes says he went on to become a Wal-Mart manager. I’m not sure which is worse: Wal-Mart manager, or dieing of throat cancer while on the run from the SEC.

  2. ‘Big money no whammies stop’ That show kicked ass.

    I too was a big fan of game shows and found the story rather interesting.

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