Pouring a 40 ounce

While the media has mostly locked it’s focus on Lieberman’s loss as well as his departure from the Democratic party there’s another story in this primary cycle that I find more fascinating. Hater of law enforcement and lover of all things conspiratorial (is that even a word) Cynthia McKinney has lost her bid for a Democratic nomination. So ends another political career of an emotionally unstable politician.

For those of you unfamiliar Cynthia McKinney once seemed poised to be a force of outspoken no-holds barred brand of politics as she became one of the most vocal opponents of Bush’s 2000 win. She appeared in every media outlet that would give her a voice and openly criticized the Supreme Court, Florida, Katherine Harris, and even the process. Political blogs such as GNN were praising her bold stance at trying to keep the issue at the forefront for about a year.

She then quickly devolved into insanity. 9/11 came and Cynthia was then endorsing conspiracy theories about the attack indicating that the US government had open knowledge of the attacks and even going so far as to imply as if it was welcomed. While she made such arguments she also took money from terrorist sympathizer Abdurahman Alamoudi and even a known terrorist Sami Al-Arian.

She then guaranteed the loss of support from law enforcement by striking an officer after he denied her access to the House floor because she didn’t have her identification on her. After the incident she cried racism, because of course a Capitol Hill policeman would definitely see openly harassing someone because of their skin color as a career enriching move.

Oh and she’s already crying voter fraud as she’s running out of things to blame for her failures. Her father, former Georgia legislator Billy McKinney, once blamed the Jews for her first re-election loss. I’m not kidding.

I didn’t like you Cynthia, but I’ll miss you. You have now entered the Preston Brooks hall of fame for the unstable elected officials. I hope you and Bob Dornan appreciate the honor bestowed on you.


~ by wiwille on August 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Pouring a 40 ounce”

  1. Whoot! Thank god this loose screw is gone. Do you think the Democratic party is kind of “cleaning house”? I hope so.

    And maybe, somewhere in there, they’ll elect someone with a backbone.

  2. You of course saw this regarding her concession speech, right? The video there is pretty entertaining as well.

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