Politics Springer style.

Politics usually is usually viewed as gentlemen, and gentle-ladies, debating the merits of their points to try and make their opposition concede their respective thoughts. At least that’s what we’d like to believe.

Politics have been rife with violence, from members of the House caning people to Taiwan’s Parliament erupting into a food melee, even the hallowed halls of our elected representatives are not immune to ill tempers.

Recently a debate between a conservative talk show host, Tony Katz, and a local politician, Joe Redner (pictured above) who happens to be a strip club owner, erupted into one of the cheapest shots I’ve ever seen. Instead of continuing the discussion Katz got up out of his chair, picked up a stool, and threw it at Redner. Joe did not strike back however and didn’t receive much damage.

Distasteful? Maybe. Funny? Oh hell yes.

Link comes with video goodness.

Local political debate gets physical!


~ by wiwille on August 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “Politics Springer style.”

  1. God damn. I guess if you aren’t actually running for anything, you can resort to this kind of shit when you are losing a debate.

    I think at the end of all Presidential debates there should be a cage match. That way we know which one’s the real man.

  2. I think both of these characters should stick to what they do best, e.g. stirring the pot and looking at titties. When you start calling each other names you’ve pretty much both lost the argument. Although, I think Tony is a little too sensitive about his weight. I probably would have just cut Joe’s pony tail off. If I had that kind of temper and all.

  3. I guess this jackass didn’t get the point when Tony said lets talk about the issues and all this pony tail wearing moron wanted to do was call him fat. What an ass, he should stay in his club and rest his sore head in some soft tities.

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