It’s a Conspiracy!

I just finished reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I saw the movie a little while ago, and that was not half bad, so I figured I’d read the book. Everybody and their brother read this thing; I figured I should too. Turns out this is a rare case of the movie being better than the book.

But that’s not really what I’m posting about. This book is about a big conspiracy. I love conspiracy theories. I find them fascinating. There’s a great, entertaining site called Carpe Noctem that breaks down some of the major conspiracy theories of the modern era. My favorite is the Roswell conspiracy, because I want to believe in alien visitors. I pray that the human race is not the most intelligent set of beings in the universe. That prospect is just too scary.

Ranging from the well-known to the truly nutty, the internet has given a voice to the paranoid and brought more attention to conspiracy theories. We are in an age where Occam’s Razor has been replaced by the catch-all guilt of the Freemasons.

Why do conspiracy theories grab our attention, or the attention of the public, so strongly? What is it that makes them so interesting to us, and believable (to some) no matter how far-fetched? And what is your favorite popular conspiracy theory?


~ by mattbear on August 7, 2006.

4 Responses to “It’s a Conspiracy!”

  1. My favorite conspiracy theory of all time was that Nixon was forced to have a frontal lobotomy during his China visit. No shit.

    As to why we’re so fascinated with them I think the theories give us some amount of comfort. People believing that 9/11 was somehow orchestrated by the US government is easier to swallow than some terrorists nutjobs carrying out such a large scale attack. It makes us feel safer somehow in some odd sort of way.

  2. I think of conspiracy theories as people trying to bring their own little history or field-of-expertise to bear on an unknown.

    You can use statistics (and poor journalism or sheer lack of information) to prove anything. If I am inherently distrustful of my federal government, I can take a look at a given situation, filter it through my prejudices and find a way for the President to be to blame. Get enough people with similar viewpoints and free time to research, and it just snowballs.

  3. it’s simple: we, as humans, are naturally curious. add intelligence to curiosity, and the end result is us striving to find answers to everything in existence.

    my current favorite conspiracy involves someone by the name of Rachel Blake. Rachel is a young woman who’s gone mental over the tv show “lost”. she seems to believe that the fictional company from the show, Hanso Foundation, really exists and is out to basically take over the world. right.

    if that’s true, then my name is Tyler Durden. and project mayhem is going to be more glorious than that Hanso crap. it will be executed in the name of a fallen brother. his name… is Robert Paulsen.

  4. The only conspiracy around Rachel Blake is that she’s an actress. The whole thing is some kind of viral marketing promotion for Lost. There’s some game or something called “The Lost Experience”. From “The Lost Experience” website:
    “Rachel Blake on LOST? you could make it happen!
    You could make it happen! Of course, she needn’t play Rachel Blake, but Jamie Silberhartz definitely deserves at the very least a character in a flash back. I mean she had me when she did the confrontation thing at comic-con. Gutsy!

    Hey, since the game is all taking place in modern times, she could easily be a recent flashback character in one of the losties pasts? So to get behind this effort visit the below petition and show Jamie your support!”

    While it doesn’t list The Lost Experience, you can find her IMDB entry here.

    One conspiracy theory down. Who’s next? Booyah!

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